P2P company has run away Beijing Golden alliance by false investment speculation havoc in Tianzhu

65 year old retired Han Qing (a pseudonym) is very remorseful.


photograph: Heiloo creative

Because the

investment P2P net loan platform Beijing gold linked products, her about 500000 yuan savings disappear at the end of last year, originally intended to buy the plan failed. "If not because of it (Beijing Golden alliance) tangible, I will not provoke these troubles." The old man said.

Han Qing is Beijing gold investors in our. Since last year, the relevant departments run away after Beijing Golden alliance, they are rushing around, hoping to recover their money was "swept away".


Beijing Golden alliance was founded in 2014, this platform is not only against the routine emerge in an endless stream of "pseudo state" Zhongnong tech cosmetic company background, and alleged false investment on Baoqiang Wang’s new film "havoc" Tianzhu hoodwinked investors, in addition to the third party payment for staff Mongolia shield upgrade.

since the beginning of July 2016, investors have found that Beijing Golden Alliance under the variety of online products have been unable to interest payment on time. At that time, Beijing Golden alliance claims that the third party payment is originally being upgraded, the calculation does not affect the product and interest payment. However, in November 15th, Beijing Golden alliance founder Wang Can was arrested by the police. So many investors woke up, he might be cheated.

news reporter found that although the mobile phone interface, APP is still running but Beijing Golden alliance, has been unable to log in, users can visit the website for his purchase of product information. Its official website has been unable to visit.

, according to some investors, they learned in the communication with the relevant departments, the current net loan platform on the issue of Beijing, involving tens of thousands of people, involving billions of dollars. Due to alleged illegal deposits from the public, has been filed in 8 cities.

why Beijing Golden alliance would attract so many investors in their investment? A number of investors, the original choice of Beijing Golden alliance as an investment platform, is the use value of the agricultural industry development fund is Beijing Golden Alliance (hereinafter referred to as Zhongnong fund subsidiary company).

According to a Hubei high tech middle peasants shareholders change description file

interface press master, "Zhongnong fund private equity fund is a limited partnership established by" the first focus of agricultural industrialization investment initiated by Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and "middle peasants hi tech (Beijing) science and Technology Industrial Cci Capital Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the middle peasants for Hi Tech) agricultural industry development fund manager and sole general partner and managing partner, responsible for fund raising, investment, investment and management etc.".


Beijing Golden alliance business information, in the form of equity > Beijing Golden Alliance

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