Large foreign network marketing case cracked in 220 thousand involving 23 members involved in the am

Chinese Jiangsu news network September 14th 13 morning, police held a news briefing in Lianyungang, announced that the national Ministry of Public Security Bureau in 2015 1 major "10· 10" large network marketing case cracked. This new type of foreign Internet marketing case with the so-called U currency trading, involving 23 countries, 220 thousand registered members, involving up to $500 million.

since 2014, the overseas MLM organization Thailand excellent interest group to build a pyramid scheme in the outside world to invest in the name of the virtual currency U currency in the domestic development of the implementation of pyramid selling criminal activities. In January 14, 2015, the Lianyungang police also launched action to close the net in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Baoding, Lianyungang and other places, 12 senior members currently MLM organizations have arrested Thailand Youqu group key management personnel of Malaysia suspects Li Mouchen, Chinese domestic region responsible person headed by Yan Mouchao, found in 23 countries involving 220 thousand large criminal registration system members, and seized a large number of bank cards, online banking U shield, notebook computer and other tools of crime. Currently, the case has been transferred to the main suspects.

Lianyungang Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment police lasted 4 months after Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Zhengzhou, Xinxiang and other national ten city, query the accounts involved more than 2600, find out the flow of funds involved, the basic situation, the flow of funds, stock accounts involved, focus on the identity of the persons involved, a solid foundation for the maximum recovery of criminal funds.

(Cheng Changchun)

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large foreign network marketing involves 23 members in 220 thousand cracked the case involving 500 million yuan

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