Foreign media do not talk about Baidu AlphaGo can be cool but not to earn money

no longer engraved in the United states. In the field of artificial intelligence, which is regarded as a key factor in the future competition, the Chinese people out of their own path.

recently, the New York Times issued a document comparing the level of development of artificial intelligence in China and the United States, that in terms of artificial intelligence technology, the United States no longer has a strategic monopoly advantage. At the same time, the article praised the progress of Chinese enterprises in the commercialization of artificial intelligence, and that Baidu will become a global leader in artificial intelligence.


has always been to science and technology as the overlord of Americans praise, Chinese seem to have some does not adapt, but this will only be more in the future. In the field of artificial intelligence, Chinese enterprises are surprising development speed and results, a step by step to change the order and pattern of world science and technology.

a search engine transformation

First we look at

, in the eyes of many people is still just a search engine Baidu, whether in artificial intelligence do what, to let the Americans on tenterhooks.

specific point of view, the New York Times mainly from the scientific research strength and talent reserves and other aspects of the development of Baidu artificial intelligence.

last year, Microsoft researchers claimed that the developed understanding with comparable software in speech, and two years ago, artificial intelligence Baidu Silicon Valley lab responsible person said that Baidu has reached a similar accuracy in understanding Chinese speech. Currently, Baidu voice recognition accuracy rate has reached 97%, Baidu’s depth of speech recognition system (Deep Speech) was the Massachusetts science and technology review as one of the top ten breakthrough technology in 2016.

addition, in other areas of artificial intelligence technology, Baidu has reached the international advanced level. Baidu face recognition accuracy rate is 99.7%, and the authority of the international evaluation FDDB and LFW received two world first. Baidu artificial intelligence has built a large scale neural network, with trillions of parameters, hundreds of billions of samples, hundreds of billions of features of training, from the underlying data, algorithms and other aspects of architecture in the forefront of the world.

and all sectors of the nature of competition, the artificial intelligence competition, in the final analysis, the talent. Earlier this year, the global artificial intelligence expert Lu Qi officially joined Baidu as president and chief operating officer of the group. "New York Times" that joining the star, will enable Baidu to become a leader in the field of the world of artificial intelligence, and highlights the progress in the field of artificial intelligence Chinese.

is even more important, as the industry leader, Baidu such enterprises in the exploration technology research at the same time, also demand for artificial intelligence in an effort to pry more industry, conversion do artificial intelligence researchers and industry practitioner. In January, artificial intelligence platform Baidu cloud released a new solution to calculate the wisdom, the bottom for the Baidu cloud platform, from the perception, machine learning platform and deep learning platform is composed of three parts, is not "

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