The latest news QQ public platform limited beta September 16th 14 points to open on time to grab

( A5 station network September 15th news: buddies, QQ public platform for long-awaited finally coming, Tencent official has issued a limited beta news.

what is the QQ public platform? Tencent official introduction is: QQ public platform polymerization infinite possibilities. With 16 years of accumulated user resources, relying on a strong platform technology, data precipitation and social relationships, Q public platform will effectively gather brands and consumers to open cooperation with you to create the future of cooperation with the attitude of the future of the.

as early as July of this year, the media have reported that the WeChat QQ platform siqia, public open registration, but in fact it is futile, many users in the application page Caton even 404 errors, then display "please look", and can not successfully complete the registration, the Tencent did not seem to officially open permissions. Calm after a period of time, the public beta QQ platform has finally come to seize the opportunity, first to experience it!


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