Hundreds of illegal music sites on the list are dealt with thousands of music

in April 20th, the Ministry of culture market department issued the "norms on the online music market order, regulation of network music website violation notice" and "on the investigation of the eighth batch of illegal Internet cultural products and business activities of the notice", to carry out the deployment of standardized online music market order, remediation of illegal online music website action.

In accordance with the provisions of the "

" Interim Provisions on Administration of Internet culture, the Ministry of culture for a licensing system to engage in online music business activities of the unit, a filing system for online music in non business activities unit. The inclusion of the "notice" not to obtain business license qualification or no record of the music website has more than 100, the Ministry of culture, in the "notice" issued within 60 days from the date of the site in accordance with the "Interim Provisions" requirements, to the administrative department of culture related to license application or registration. Not included in the list of other unauthorized or filing unauthorized network music products or services provided by the site, but also with reference to the "notice" provisions, the timely processing of licensing or filing procedures. On the application for the registration of overdue or registration of the network music unit, the Ministry of culture will be jointly investigated and dealt with in accordance with the relevant departments.

at the same time, the Ministry of culture again deployment of the "rude song" and other illegal Internet cultural products and activities were investigated, which is in recent years the Ministry of culture eighth deployment of similar work. And the focus is to provide "rude song" network music website, unlicensed Internet music sites and online gaming sites. Among them, "hey hey dance", "Shenzhen DJ dance" 10 network music website "rude song" contains prohibited content such as network music products, vulgar content, poor style, bad social impact; "a strange music network" and "Chinese song network" 19 online music website and "three fantasy", "hero city" and other 7 online game sites, without authorization to engage in Internet cultural activities, unauthorized import network of cultural products, seriously disrupted the market order of network culture. The Ministry of culture requires cultural administrative departments or cultural market comprehensive law enforcement agencies in conjunction with the communications management departments, the implementation of the administrative penalties for illegal units.

pointed out that the Ministry of culture, standardize market order, regulation of network music network music sites violations is to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and the online music business, to encourage outstanding works creation and dissemination, promote the network music market healthy and prosperous development of specific initiatives. The online music market rectification work to maximize the compression of illegal online music website living space, provide healthy, orderly and healthy competition in the market environment for the music network operating units and domestic original online music products. (Lin Fenglei)

the following is the full text of the notice:

Department of cultural market, the Ministry of culture on the regulation of online music market order

remediation network music site violations notice

in recent years, part of the network music website (unit) without permission or record without permission to engage in online music activities, disrupt the order of the online music market, damage to network music >

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