WeChat shop rules exposure threshold high payment rate of 0 6%

news December 25th, billion state power network before the date of a WeChat shop investment system file, the file is not only clear to start recruiting businesses (including B2C mall, B2C mall and vertical brands) opened WeChat store, and WeChat announced the access conditions, pay WeChat to pay fee rate, and deposit payment settlement period rule. WeChat has revealed the third party service provider to billion state power network, the current businesses access WeChat payment threshold is very high, through the examination of the few merchants.

payment interface premise: service number + WeChat certification

according to the obtained billion state power network "WeChat WeChat mall merchants pay recruitment notice" (Note: here the "WeChat mall" is not previously reported WeChat specials channel after the upgrade of the Tencent proprietary platform, but by the merchant to apply for permission and pay WeChat opened WeChat store platform, the public number) to apply for permission to pay WeChat need to have two conditions: first must be a service number; second also need to apply for certification to obtain WeChat, WeChat advanced permissions interface. Merchants to apply for a WeChat payment, in order to further use WeChat’s open resources to build WeChat stores.

it is worth noting that in the WeChat payment interface application, WeChat to build the store two links, WeChat developed third party service providers (such as pocket pass, micro etc.) will play an important role.

billion state power network learned that most businesses through its WeChat service provider for WeChat to pay for and build WeChat stores (including commodity management, order management, logistics management, shop homepage design).

pocket side said it has access to the first batch of WeChat mall merchants recruit green channel. After a clear intention of the merchant, through the pocket to submit registration information, can be certified in WeChat, pay for the application of the two links to get a quick certification, the privilege of rapid audit.

payment rate minimum 0.6% margin of 50 thousand

according to the obtained billion state power network "WeChat payment table" category and the rate of access, WeChat merchants pay, WeChat will charge 50 thousand deposit and payment fee rates ranging from 0.6%~2%. WeChat will open the door to the merchant to pay the money through the exclusive account, to pay their own business management, the merchant will put their own money into the money through the account, by WeChat / money to pay through the freeze.

in terms of accounts, WeChat is taking the T+3 settlement cycle. Unlike Alipay, WeChat payment is instant payment mode, non secured transactions, after the payment of the buyers, sellers of funds directly into the caifutong account, 3 days later, cash settlement.

According to

billion state power network to understand, 50 thousand margin compared with other electronic business platform is not high, Tmall merchant settled the deposit can be divided into 50 thousand, 100 thousand, 150 thousand and 3, and the Jingdong merchants settled margin divided into 10 thousand, 30 thousand, 50 thousand, 100 thousand and other files.

payment rates, according to public information, the traditional POS machine credit card >

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