A website in Qingdao issued 70 thousand coupons 15 minutes robbed by netizens said rinse

10, a Qingdao website joint Qingdao Parkson, Gome Daocheng six businesses, online free to distribute coupons worth 70 thousand yuan. A lot of Daocheng friends waiting, midnight began to refresh the page, but the official release time, but most users complain that it is not open, open the page shows "wrong" or "the page does not exist", 15 minutes after the show 2260 coupons issued after all, many netizens crazy post complain about being fooled".

consumer coupons are now the first to stay up late in Qingdao, such as coupons

users questioned: Heaven can fall pie?

as early as a week ago, website news release said: "as a positive response to the national policy of expanding domestic demand and stimulating consumption, the site joint Qingdao several well-known commercial enterprises to form" 3· 15 consumer alliance ", issued 70 thousand yuan coupons to Shimaki Ichimin to the real name system, the public can 3· in the" 15; "during the period, with consumption coupons to alliance business. This is also the first time the consumer coupons appear in Qingdao. So far, 6 companies have Qingdao Gome, Qingdao Parkson, North China World Trade Center group, likelai group, a Home Furnishing, colorful Yunnan emerald and other commercial enterprises to join the coupons are issued in."

site community also issued a survey post, asking the public for the desire to apply for consumer vouchers is strong. Reporters found in the post, many people hold a conservative attitude, saying the sky can fall pie, but most people still said, if you really want to apply for free of course".

because of the early publicity just show March 10th began to pay, so many users do not know the specific time. Zero March 10th 4, netizen "Daocheng watermelon belly" post asked: "not in March 10th began issuing coupons? Have ye not zero?" the users to receive coupons, stay up and wait for the arrival of March 10th.

at 10 o’clock in the morning, appeared on the forum posts "Qingdao 70 thousand coupons for free 10 days 14 when news online for!!!", that coupons at 2 in the afternoon began to apply, the majority of people on the waiting coupons.

mad brush page not grab one of 80% friends that he was up

users questioned: " consumer coupons do not limit to get a $18, 25 yuan, and even buy a jade what get a $50, not as good as there is no sincerity. "

1:50 in the afternoon, Mr. Wang began to open the page, took 5 minutes to wait for news network login, open the web page, found six businesses the links are displayed only 30 remaining coupons, by the time he had completed a personal information submitted, directly display the "network error" or "the page does not exist. Re open the link, the show has received over, please participate in other commodities!" but at 2:15 in the afternoon a little more.


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