Zhuang Yixiong a well known lawyer was officially appointed as a perennial legal adviser to the ch

June 8, 2008, the Dragon Boat Festival, careful users have found that the chemical industry well-known chemical network education website space station (www.ehuaxue.com) site at the bottom of a line of "the legal adviser: Itlaw- lawyer Zhuang Yixiong" text. After receiving the user reported material, after various efforts, and finally at the first time to contact the chemical space station is responsible for the media to pay mr.. "Your message is timely ah hear reporters, Mr. Fu said with a smile.

It is reported that

, along with the development of chemical space station, in order to regulate the network construction, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Internet users and website, website management after careful consideration, the chemical space station decided to hire well-known lawyer Zhuang Yixiong lawyers as legal counsel website.

this marks the chemical space station Ehuaxue.com will enter a more standardized, benign development period. Mr. Zhuang Yixiong will help the chemical space station sound system, to maximize the prevention of disputes, and enhance the site’s legal awareness, reduce and reduce legal risks, so as to provide network communication platform for Internet users to more harmonious.

it is understood that the chemical space station was founded in March 2003, is one of the first to focus on the education of chemistry. Is also one of the few access to the Education Bureau for the record and the Ministry of industry and commerce, the State Ministry of information industry for personal website. At present, the site management is actively preparing for the establishment of a dedicated network company to operate in order to provide better service to our customers.

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