Taobao’s acquisition of hitao related domain name Amoy channel will be independent

(March 31st) hearing, according to the domain name forum users post said, Alibaba once again shot acquisition of hitao.comcn domain name, the purchase price is unknown, two domain names are not enabled.



learned from whois, hitao.comcn two domain names are registered Alibaba, another related domain name for the domain name investors hold. Hi Amoy is part of Taobao, the page is currently enabled two domain The official said that the acquisition of Alibaba hey hey Amoy two related domain names, is expected to be "Hey Amoy" independent domain enabled.

Alibaba in recent years, the acquisition of its independent domain related business, in the near future and force the acquisition of aliyun.comcn. Stakeholders said that the current business and large portals in the near future are frequently acquired domain names, enabling independent domain name is gradually a popular trend.

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