Happy net bought the social product seashells domain name HaiBei com

    April 20th news: it is reported that happy net (kaixin001.com) recently acquired haibei.com low-key seashells and enable the Pinyin domain name, the domain name quietly launched online group website "happy net", the user needs to get invitation code to access.

queries about the domain name haibei.com, seashells registered in 2005, the current holders of information and not happy net company name in Beijing, but the domain name DNS server information displayed is happy net KAIXIN001.COM, Haibei other mainstream suffixes have also been registered.

At present,

users can access the haibei.com through the domain and p.g.kx001.com.cn domain name, the page prominently is a fun Seashell cartoon image, page with orange red color, below for the invitation code login window, the other about seashell is an online group website, which can be found in every kind of interesting group, all sorts of strange things, can also be and friends, to establish their own small world.

Haibei is the earliest ancient currency token seashells in pinyin, can also explain Qinghai Province in Haibei Prefecture, in addition to Haibei is the domestic apparel brand seashells Pinyin domain name, the domain name haibei.com is a seashell with domain name, the domain name value is higher, the happy net to buy the domain name price shall not philippines.

previously happy net kaixin001.com domain name similar to the kaixin.com domain name was 1000 oak acquisition and enable social networking sites, duel with thousand oaks in court, the damage is very high, now, happy net of domain name protection strategy to gradually put in place, the acquisition of haibei.com in March 11, 2011 over the same period, the haibei001.com domain name registration protection.