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I’m not working at Google anymore. I don’t know where to go – there are two or three very good jobs in front of me. Because in this decision time, I am no longer employed by anyone, I would like to write some professional things, some very interesting, but also in the work of colleagues and management led to tension.

Google is a very good company. They made a lot of praise – both outside the company, people can see things, but also the company. There are a number of things that are not confidential within the company, and are not adequately discussed in the outside world. That’s what I’m going to say today.

One of the most important things that makes Google’s

so good is that it looks very simple: Code review. Google is not the only thing to do this – code review has been widely recognized as a very good practice, many people do. But I have not seen such a big second companies can use this kind of thing so common. No program in Google, any product, any project code, can be effective without code review prior to submission to a code library.

everyone is going through code review. And very formal: this kind of thing should be any important software development work in a basic system. Not just a product program – everything. It doesn’t take a lot of work, but it’s a huge effect.

What can

get from the code review?

is very clear: before the submission of the code, with second groups of eyes to check again, to prevent bug mixing. This is the most common understanding of it, and is the most comprehensive understanding of the benefits of code review. But, in my experience, this is the least important point. People do find bug in code reviews. However, the vast majority of these bug can be found in the code review, it is clear that the bug is negligible, the author of the program for a few minutes to find them. Really need to spend time to find the bug is not found in the code review.

The greatest function of

code review is purely social. If you are programming, and know that there will be a colleague to check your code, you will be completely different attitude. The code you write will be cleaner, with better annotations, and better program structure – because you know that the person you care about will look at your program. There is no code review, you know people will eventually see your program. But it’s not something that happens immediately, it doesn’t give you the same sense of urgency, it doesn’t give you the same feeling of personal judgment.

also has a very important benefit. Code review can spread knowledge. In a lot of

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