Platform type nternet products

now has a lot of Internet business team, they continue to make this or that Internet products, some products are more specific and clear, while others are more abstract, is dedicated to providing a platform for third party development. For example, we all know that IOS itself is a large and mature platform, allowing third party developers to develop the corresponding APP for the user; WeChat to provide users with news communication services through the public number for enterprises and businesses to provide marketing platform, Taobao and Tmall; Alibaba through to individuals and businesses to provide and shop the trading platform is a platform type of Internet products, these types of products tend to rely on the Internet platform is not a direct profit, but to create a profitable ecosystem, its development is often different with the ordinary Internet products. So, the type of Internet products which have different characteristics of the development of


first, the platform type Internet products are often occupied by third parties to the market. Alibaba created Taobao and Tmall platforms, are rarely themselves as operators, but to provide a trading platform to third parties, if the third party profit, then received from a service fee; apple and Android systems, nor by the authority to collect large amount of the cost of the system, but let each user as much as possible the use of mobile phone operating system platform, a habit of working and living on these platforms, so as to continuously in the field of mobile phone operating system on the market, then the terminal user is generally not to pay, and a lot of the third party is modified and optimized for Android mobile phone system, but the platform provider or Android, so the Internet platform type the product is often rely on third parties to promote the success of the increase of market share, provide more opportunities for future development.

second, platform type products need to build infrastructure to generate benefits. Many people will think that the platform is a big thing, never say what to do in the end, but in fact, the platform does not need to do too much, but too much will affect the openness of the platform. Platform type of Internet products, like an engine engine, as to what to do on this platform, by the user to define their own. We are familiar with IOS and Android as an example. Apple’s infrastructure is IOS and related hardware. But users tend to be more concerned about is how to play smart phones, this time Apple’s app are often do some basic, value-added services are often related to the third party to do. For example, maps, cameras, games and other applications. Android infrastructure, its main thing is to do some open source interface and expand the Android mobile environment. Whether Apple or Android, its purpose is to allow the third party can do bigger and stronger. When the hardware and software infrastructure third party can use Android and apple, and the increased usage of mobile terminal that user traffic, the equivalent produced interest, because whether it is PC or mobile Internet cannot do without traffic, the traffic and users, all business models will have vitality and activity.

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