The common point between Lao Tzu and soft Wen

Lao Tzu Lee Minger, is Chinese is world famous thinker, that Taoist school, later Taoism, the Lao Tzu as kaishanzushi.

the reader will ask, when Lao Tzu and soft link, it is Lao Tzu Chinese soft kaishanzushi



Lao Tzu believes all things, can best embody the "Tao", is the water, so Lao Tzu said "as good as water"

ha ha, this sentence is not to encourage us to water everywhere.

the most shining Lao Tze Taoist philosophy is the core of the glory of Lao Tzu said:

Lao Tze said: the world is weak in the water, and the strong can not only

means nothing more than what water is weak, but crucial but not what can Keqiang, water is better than

soft real role, but also in this

Lao Tzu’s thought of expensive " Ling and soft, the same, the most important thing is a good soft reflected in these two points.

, you can bypass the detour to Softness can overcome the hardest., and can penetrate, what can not stop, because of the weak and the same brand, channel smoothly, can help text and more smooth access to the mind.

Lao Tzu said water "in good, good heart deep, to a good day, worshippers and is of good governance, good governance, good at"

text to see the environment, according to the change of the environment when deciding what hair, hair, hair hair how where to have value; the content like water is deep, and the reader should contact like water and soft like water, speech should be sincere, logic should be like water right, the the value should be like water to solve a lot of problems, send to stand and move like water.

Lao Tzu also said: "as good as water, water benefits all things without struggle;" "not for"

the same starting point, write text, the starting point should not be to others and for what, what, what to give but to help others first, what the result is, "is thought, oneself Yu, not only to give away, you have got more." Give others more and more of their harvest, "to take the

first and the"

good article, the first is to create value for the readers and users, so as to get the reader’s identity, and promote your product sales, "business plan" website operation because of the introduction of cheats and sell it, what is in place, what people can do not sell, the first is Wang Yihui the article for the user, create value for the readers to get their identity, then this book sales, I hope the truth (to avoid everyone objectionable to avoid writing that their own good, because this is the wisdom to deviate from the Lao Tzu and Lao Tzu, said the sea it could be all the rivers.

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