Six basic principles of marketing enterprise website construction


with the development of the Internet, the vast number of small and medium enterprises into the pace of network marketing is accelerating. Marketing website is the development of the site, integrating a variety of network marketing concept and site operation management method, not only pay attention to professional website construction, pay more attention to the whole process of site management, is the enterprise site construction and operation maintenance of the whole network marketing model integration. Small and medium-sized enterprises have independent enterprise website or e-commerce platform in the proportion of the shop reached 43%, overall, small and medium-sized enterprise website operation level is low. The vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprise website update frequency more than a month, is just an image project, and not very good promotion enterprise network marketing benefits. According to the author’s own work experience, summed up the following points on the construction of marketing enterprise website and basic principles, and share.

one, the most important user experience

web site is the user, many primary marketing agencies make the website not fit to be seen just to show that the search engine, this website is not the true sense of the marketing type enterprise website! In the traditional industries, a more experienced people understand the importance of commodity packaging to sales. Similarly, for the network marketing, the enterprise website beautiful, easy to use, etc., will have a great impact on the user. Do not harm the user experience for a variety of reasons, including the search engine is the ultimate pursuit of the user experience. Enterprise marketing website construction should pursue the best combination of search optimization and user experience, and now the Internet industry is the hottest position of product manager, but also because of the importance of user experience.

two, website structure and product display

good website structure, not only convenient search engine, it is for the convenience of users, website marketing must be reasonable use breadcrumb navigation design, don’t let the customer get lost in your website, tell the user and the position of the moment to return to other channel. The purpose of the marketing enterprise website construction is to promote the sales of the enterprise products, so the enterprise product display has become an important project that can not be ignored. The SME shooting product related picture album, to be real, otherwise it would be self defeating, do not make The loss outweighs the gain.,! A picture quality is guaranteed, the two is to avoid copyright disputes. A lot of time, thousands and thousands of words as a picture compelling pictures than text more, increase trust. In addition, the product can be inserted in the appropriate video content, multimedia interactive display the most likely to impress customers.

three, reasonable release update information

there are a considerable number of enterprise web site will have the enterprise news this column, the reasonable use of enterprise information can increase the enterprise trust, and unreasonable use will take the opposite effect. The enterprise news content to regularly update the content of the report, some dynamic enterprises, inside the best equipped with pictures, with pictures of your enterprise more web site add vigor, don’t see the enterprise news

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