SEO strong survival according to standard work is the king of the road

"When the is low, the stumps will show"


When water is low, you can who been swimming around naked! Has

see! The

these two words from an English log seems, the meaning of the general should be able to understand,

when the water is low, the stake will be revealed,

shallow water, you can see who is swimming naked,

is the first sentence, when the plight of the most tough will appear.

is the most intense competition in the industry, the best quality companies will emerge,

second sentence is the meaning of the opposite, the weakest, garbage companies and businesses will be revealed.

makes sense. It’s the survival of the strong.

to join the SEO industry more and more people, the order of the industry has not been effectively maintained

, no real standards, no industry regulations and regulatory measures, but this situation could not continue, governments are more and more attention to the development of the Internet, and take a lot of measures, provisions of the industry near future will certainly be introduced as the video site must have the relevant telecommunications licence, I guess they SEOER there will be similar to the hanging certificate, the time and optimize the master real strength to bring out, this is inevitable, so from now on no matter what it is, no matter whether the industry competition is fierce, must follow or take certain standards, so that in the future competition in the win front.


The water low right now, for many us of, but tomorrow will is come.

SEO industry this altar water has been getting lower and lower, but tomorrow will come, do a good job of preparation, to face is the most critical.

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