Discussion also to say content is king

      content and technology, the pros and cons, and is a people problem. People always say "content is king", to emphasize the readability and usability of the content of the website, in short, to meet the reader’s reading taste. Yes, in fact, regardless of any kind of media, his ultimate goal is to serve the readers, all the efforts it is catering to the readers, and the media content is the most direct, is also a part of most affecting the readers, its importance is self-evident to each kind of media, can not be ignored.

      I am a pure liberal arts background engaged in the acquisition of tourism information, the editor of the communicator, the service of the China Tourism News Network is currently mainly to win information. It can be said that news content is the existence of our website. Since I work, most of the research is how to collect better news, how to edit the reader reading interest and desire, even become a title of the party, how to make more contribution to our website to trust the us. Every day, I often open tourism news to readers’ identity and perspective to examine the content of the website, or in the background by comparing the amount of data Click to adjust the direction and content of news dissemination choice arrangement. It can be said that I really see content as king.

      I don’t know how to network technology, do not understand marketing, search engine optimization, but I found that the technical innovation website every time for readers, such as generating static pages, add background editing function, page beautification and so on, will quickly bring a large number of hits, ranking and other considerations index rapidly rising. And before this, even if I try again in the content, the effect is minimal. There was even a period of time so many exclamatory things really are can’t help, have to feel fate, fate seems to be in the hands of others, others a little action, but can change countless efforts and struggle, you is so, is so helpless and depressed.

      sometimes, because the network supplier problems, some readers and partners to my website reaction speed is not fast, my heart is always thump, the head is sweat, I know, although not the content of the website quality problems, but also fresh readers have the patience to wait for a few minutes a a page, more, off the page, maybe it will not open, because as a first impression on people is very important, the reader first impression of the website also determines whether she could be the site of frequent and even potential customers. Even if we edit the collection of articles again good, original article again good, it is impossible to see, even the opportunity to read. At this time, I have to look forward to technological innovation and change in a more humane and considerate direction.

      see an article emphasizing "content is king"

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