07 years of rapid development of the global network of new sites 5 million

today, according to TGDaily news, last year, the development of the global Internet is still very fast, within a year, the birth of a total of about 5000000 new sites worldwide, so that the total number of global sites exceeded the number of 150 million.

According to the latest survey by

, a company that tracks and analyzes the company’s Web site, Netcraft has supported 5 million 400 thousand web sites in December last year. At the end of December 2007, the total number of sites worldwide has reached 155230051. However, Netcraft said that in the increasingly popular blog today, the rapid growth in the number of sites is not surprising. Netcraft survey shows that only MySpace, Live Space, Bloggers and other blog site provides about 25 million sites.


server software market, after six months of rapid growth, the global network of space services will gradually become stable. Currently the most widely used Internet web server Apache (Apache) market share last year fell 1.19% to 49.57%. While Microsoft’s network server market share also decreased by 0.08% to 35.76%. But not all Internet service providers suffered market share fell, and Google is the exception. Google gained 0.23% growth in 2007, the market share of up to 5.51%. At present, a total of 8 million 560 thousand sites in the Google operation, while Microsoft and Apache were running 55 million 510 thousand and 76 million 950 thousand sites.

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