From a letter to a woman who has been hundreds of millions of people to see video marketing promotio

because the Spring Festival is approaching, we are most concerned about is the problem of how to go home! And now in the 12306 site to suck the case, all kinds of rush tickets plugin like bamboo shoots after a spring rain rise rapidly! Here I believe we should have seen a few days ago "by ten thousand people on a woman’s letter" video. A video to promote the video for the cheetah to grab votes plug-in, very successful. This video in a short time like a virus spread on the Internet, many people get broadcast download, the cheetah browser to grab votes Zhuanban user attention directly from the zero drift up to more than 30 thousand, a terrible figure! See below:


below tension on this video to tell you about its success and ingenuity, so that we can do in the video marketing promotion can be used as reference.

first point: Title

we can look at it the title "a by millions of people on the woman’s letter", such a title is very attractive, can be reminiscent of the elegant, the traffic is very large. So when we do video marketing promotion, the title must be attractive, so that users can not help but click to see. But the title should not be too, too vulgar.

second points: content

we can look at this video is just two minutes, three pictures, no garish things, also just a monologue. But in order to allow users to come in and do not guess, the beginning of the show that their identity, we can look at:


and its clever in the second screen, will be to promote their own products to be implanted into the inside, and the language is also very humorous, but also a little vague, we look at the following figure:


The last picture of

is a blessing. Let users feel their intentions.

from the above we can see that in the video promotion, content and advertising are studied, not full screen advertising, but everywhere is not garish, concise content, clever ads. Don’t let air will beware of placement in his mind.

third points: platform

I said here is a video platform publishing platform, video production is completed when we need to upload video website, let everybody watch and reproduced, so we release platform in the selection, to choose some relatively large, users more video website. Recommended Youku, 56, potatoes, cool these relatively large number of users, the crowd is more platform release 6.

above is the tension of a hundred millions of people on the woman’s letter, a simple analysis of the video, I hope to be able to do video promotion friends

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