Promote the popularity of independent blog promotion of the two aspects

has its own independent blog, in addition to their new website content is website promotion. I believe we are also in the website promotion, in order to promote their website to see many related articles recently found that most of the article basically stereotyped, but the content is around two aspects:

1, how to let users know and visit your site;

2, how to allow users to visit and rely on your site.

below I will explain some more details:

a, let the user know and visit your website

(1) word of mouth: This is the best way for users to tell another user that your site is good. If a site is not a user, then this site is quite a failure.

(2): search engine according to the relevant data show that the search engine is an important part of the site usually sources, accounted for about 70-80%, so the key to study the search engine is necessary, so we have to do SEO.

(3) links: with the same type of Web site for each other to exchange links, will enhance their respective visits, but also to bring convenience to users. Although the link brings little traffic, but with high quality web site links will improve the weight of the search engine.

(4) to promote the use of QQ, we make good use of its platform:

QQ group: add some groups, but do not come up directly advertise, if yes, the result is only one: T. How do we use QQ group promotion? Speak actively in the group, said some incisive words, let others think you a lot, and pull a good relationship with the administrator, which greatly reduced the possibility of T.

QQ micro-blog: now QQ micro-blog huge user groups, then we have to do is often collect some classic quotations, in the back with his blog address, I believe that after a lot of people see.

QQ space log: write some others to reprint articles, can you say you don’t know how to write, you can go online to find some people share more, this article also will be popular in the QQ space log.

(5) Email promotion: many friends have mentioned that the focus is to do not let your e-mail as spam.

(6) soft Wen promotion: learn how to write an excellent wonderful soft.

(7) Post Bar Baidu promotion: will an immediate effect, but must hold a degree, I was originally used Baidu Post Bar promotion, but because of ignorance, hair too much, as advertised, so Post Bar banned ID. There is in the post when we must pay attention to some Post Bar and related information, do not run to Jay Chou Li Yuchun Post Bar gossip information such nonsense things, the post must be targeted.


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