Chinese nternet 20 years the end of the history of the 7 domain names

renamed China ( April 25th hearing, in Chinese Internet development in the course of the past 20 years, rice has 3721 BTChina, ChinaRen, blog China 7 websites, left a stunning, or at the time of the torrent inside disappear, or the transformation after the failure of life. Behind the domain name or the life or death is dark wave surging, is a profound change every website must face.


"originator" Fanfou became martyrs


"no" is the first mainland China to provide micro-blog services website, founded by founder Wang Xing in May 2007. In July 7, 2009, rice has the site was closed, independent micro-blog website jiwai, also in the same year was closed to whisper. At the end of 2010, rice has to re operation, but has lost the opportunity to lead the domestic micro-blog, rice has shut down is also considered one of the reasons for the rapid development of sina micro-blog, Wang Xing also gradually focus on the website of the U.S. group online group purchase.

at present, Fanfou in domestic website ranking fell to 10656, according to the Alexa traffic data show that in August last year, rice has official domain name IP (March average daily) was 225 thousand, the average daily PV (average March) was 900 thousand, less than a year’s time, the former has dropped to 75 thousand, which is only 375 thousand, Sina and micro-blog have high flow with clouds and mud. In addition, the city of Shenzhen by the rice science and Technology Co., Ltd. (no rice) also enabled, and other online operations on the domain name.

Zhou Hongyi hand blade biological son 3721


Zhou Hongyi handedly founded the 3721, is the first Internet, the most successful network plug-in services, users do not need to remember the domain name, enter the Chinese name directly in the browser, you can go directly to the target site. But a series of mandatory binding installation, also let 3721 be regarded as the first person of the rogue software, Zhou Hongyi also known as the father of rogue software".

2003, China’s Internet is at a low ebb, Zhou Hongyi will be 3721 to $120 million price to sell to YAHOO, the homeopathic name was renamed YAHOO assistant 3721". 2005, Alibaba announced the completion of the acquisition of all assets of China’s YAHOO, 3721 business fell into the hands of ma.

is the so-called good in the first, Zhou Hongyi launched the 360 security guards in 2006, the whole industry set off anti storm rogue software, and hand blade natural child, 3721 (YAHOO assistant) listed as "malware" to clean up. On the other hand, the Alibaba for the development and promotion of YAHOO assistant, invested 100 million yuan of funds, still died, Ma has made it clear that "3721 has become a burden to the Alibaba". 2009, China

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