Daily topic grab tickets to start the battle of the 12306 battle ticket browser

webmaster network (www.admin5.com) September 12th news, with the arrival of the Mid Autumn Festival and the national day of the people who have also increased, this is not a train ticket nervous. Railway ticketing website 12306 and grab votes software company’s shield war also broke out.

early in the spring of this year, some Internet companies began to launch the "software to grab votes". At that time, through the network search booking accelerator, found a variety of personal development of booking accelerator software. In addition, Google, Jinshan, 360 and other manufacturers have developed a special train ticket brush machine software, users are different views. Some feel that really convenient, while others believe that grab tickets too selfish, will affect the order of the network ticket". Subsequently, the Ministry of industry and information technology formally issued a notice requiring 360, Sogou, Kingsoft cheetah and other browsers to stop ticket plug-ins, that this does not use the software to grab tickets for passengers unfair.

recently, in order to adapt to the widespread use of smart phones, Kingsoft network has released a new version of the cheetah browser mobile phone, increasing the number of tickets to grab the function, claiming that the success rate will be 10 times to grab tickets". This is also the first to support the purchase of train tickets to the mobile browser, you can automatically refresh every 4 seconds, without the need for manual brush votes. In the face of grab votes software upgrade, the railway sector has begun to sell. Just yesterday morning, many users to grab tickets to reflect the browser, can not log on the railway ticket 12306 website, the reason is that the site began to grab votes browser shield. Then 360 browser official micro-blog said that due to the purchase of the site changed the source code, resulting in the verification of the 360 browser code is not normal. It should be noted that, affected by the site, covering all the functions of the browser with grab votes.

is not difficult to see that a defense war has started to grab votes. 360 browser mentioned has helped 20 million users to grab votes, online also appeared in 360 official website designer scheme improved 12306, while 360 claimed that the prototype map, but had the market to grab votes remarkable ambition. Of course, this is similar to the 360 browser vendors, has become a railway company to prevent the death of opponents.

but it is worth mentioning that, last September 13th, the former Ministry of Railways has said it will end in September of that year launched mobile phone ticketing application "palm 12306". According to reports, the software support and Android two platforms, the passengers on the line can be downloaded and used free of charge. Among them, apple platform applications downloaded from App Store, Android platform applications can be downloaded directly from the www.12306.cn website. Through this software, you can query the national railway passenger trips each time, booking train tickets, and be able to complete the online payment through mobile phone payment system. However, up to now, about a year’s time has passed, the highly anticipated handheld 12306 this official mobile ticketing software has not yet formally launched. Although there were more periods

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