Tencent launched the Linux version of QQ download only provide the most basic chat


July 31st news, Tencent today officially opened the Linux version of the QQ download site, on the last day of the year in July to honor the promise before the release of this version will be released in July. At present, users can access the http://s.im.qq.com/qq/linux/ to download.

Linux is in addition to the personal operating system Windows platform outside the most important, the past can only in the QQ Windows platform, the launch of the Linux platform version, will mean that QQ will cover all of the PC client IM application market.

according to Tencent on the Linux version of QQ to help show that the basic interface and style and window version are the same, but now only the most basic IM chat function, will not be released to the source code.

according to the current data show that there are more than 2 million new computer pre installed and bundled Linux Chinese each year, HP, ASUS and other giants have begun in the notebook computer of notebook computer cheap low-end pre Linux. According to CCID Consulting released the "first quarter of 2008 Chinese Linux software market analysis report" data show that the first quarter of 2008, Chinese Linux software market sales reached 38 million yuan, representing an increase of 22.6%.

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