Commitment and consistency in the application of network marketing in social psychology

people love words, this is human nature, if people do inconsistency things, either naturally or half unconsciously, will feel uncomfortable, so people in order to avoid the discomfort, will naturally make their own thoughts and behavior consistent with.

is also a consistent logical and intellectual performance, if a person makes people look inconsistency, it will be a problem or see adults with mental problems, this person will be under great social pressure. Everyone has the desire to be consistent and trying to keep them in line.

for example, imagine that we sometimes is not because of a temptation or a rather baffling impulse, made some commitment to someone or something, even when we think we need not see light suddenly, commitment, but promises have been made, in order to be consistent with our commitment to our subconscious we still control and seriously carry out the commitments, even according to the normal logic, we can fulfill this commitment.

this example, I believe everyone will encounter. Well, the human nature of the same consistency can be applied in the enterprise network marketing and profit for the enterprise?. With the above, Dong Jingyi network marketing companies in the process of network marketing, design a link, let our customers make some commitments.

in 70s, many U.S. companies planning some similar marketing activities, they invite customers or potential customers have not become customers, evaluate the essay on their product for those who praise customers give awards, even if the customer was not formally customers of the enterprise, but also can rely on the characteristics of impression. Guess products, enterprise products boast, for a prize. In this game, they do not need to buy the product, a lot of people come to the enterprise for the prize, wrote a lot of insincere praise, in order to win huge bonuses. Later, a miracle happened, found that these potential customers most was given praise enterprise, after a few months, have been successfully transformed into a formal customer of the enterprise, that is to say, the potential customers made comments to the merchant (a promise), in order to make themselves comfortable, consistent with the nature of people will enable customers to fulfill their commitments, which translates into formal Enterprise customers.

especially in the reputation evaluation on bee, public commitment to the enterprise visible, inviting customers through word-of-mouth bee, will evaluate personally written, let the customer write down and show to the reputation of the center, such a public commitment tend to have a more lasting effect, prompting customers to fulfill the promise of mental strength will be more powerful. This is also the reason why some sales company will let business people themselves will write down the expected performance.

because of the convenience of the network, it is more convenient for enterprises to invite customers or potential customers to evaluate the products through the Internet, such as the use of word of mouth

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