Drops do not play red envelopes to change the content of the game marketing

circle of friends rumors and Uber merger, then the Internet is really too fast to change the emotion, maybe he is an opponent today, tomorrow will become friends with each other, or another opponent.


the news was soon officially confirmed as a rumor. However, we show that the expected is also a sigh of emotion: only four years, the development of drops actually so fast!

talked about by way of marketing, many people will think of it simply envelopes subsidies, but you have not found, circle of friends has been a long time no drops red figure, a recent small scraper, should be Apple’s uncle Cook invested $one billion to drop this thing.


in 2014, a few drops of red envelopes to the driver and the user, with the volume of executives own words: instead of spending money on television advertising, it is better to let the user experience the product directly. From 0 to 1, the subsidy war so that the success of the car fell on the throne of the car industry. But the volume up, the brand should follow up.

can no longer be seen as a very LOW brand, not only with subsidies." This is Liu Qing, the president of the 2016 annual meeting.

a few days ago, bit by bit trip to do the first global Di – Tech algorithm contest, marking the drops on the strategy of big data driven travel path. A theme contest but that of science and engineering, in order to let more people pay attention to the expression of many drops, emotional stories and images in the promotional period, such as the "brain hole wide open" GIF poster:


drink the strongest wine back to the warmest home


Monday rejected the inverse


is the best way of routine

look back nearly a year ago, drops of moves has been far beyond the blunt envelopes subsidies, almost every battle with the content of marketing ideas derived from many interesting ways:

, emotional content marketing

"sit a little bit better today"

"if the reality is hard to force, at least the dream is forced, go all out, you sit a little better today."

December 2014, TVC brand car drops "thanks to their own" and "thanks for love" officially launched, then through the cinema, mainstream video site patch release, through the social networking platform for fermentation, resonate in the city "out of the race".


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