How to increase the number of micro blog fans Micro blog promotion trick 20

how to increase the number of fans in your micro-blog? Micro-blog Weibo Raiders!! continue to update, please listen to the present.

1, the first step: improve personal data. It is best to use the real name, real head, personal introduction. Real information makes people feel more credible, improve the chances of being listened to.

2, the easiest way: active listening. If you listen to others, they will listen to you. Regular t does not listen to you, plus new. I listened to 4000 people, and there were also 3000. Take care of every fan, if you are not a big man, it is best to add your fans to friends and fans.

3, to participate in hot topics. Top topic list, plus #xx # issued your topic, spicy view.

this is an era of entertainment to death, you spread the micro-blog mostly very entertaining and pure preaching without sharing value, may not be two times, will not increase the number of fans.

4, add multiple topic labels. Add multiple topics that can appear in more topic search pages, show more opportunities, and be more likely to be listened to.

Tips:QQ micro-blog page version supports only 2 topics, while the mobile version does not limit. How to add more topic labels with the web page?. I can see the micro-blog QQ, micro-blog open # Jingu tutorial # topic.


5, send pictures, attract eyeball!

every moment we have received a lot of content, few people will look at your content, the picture is not the same.

Tips: no cell phone, no certification can also send QQ micro-blog pictures. To see my micro-blog QQ, micro-blog open # Jingu tutorial # topic.

6, plus listen to QQ group, micro-blog mutual listening topic. This is a very traditional, QQ space once stepped on each other fiery moment. Generally speaking, the quality of the audience will be poor.

7, soft Wen promotion method. According to your micro-blog positioning, write some articles sent to the network. Article interspersed with their own micro-blog website, welcome readers to exchange.

8, email promotion. Use the specified link to promote, after the registration of visitors will automatically focus on your micro-blog. The signature of the mailbox must use, take your micro-blog address.

9, take the initiative to ask a friend to broadcast your micro-blog. If you have a name Bo Friends, it is very difficult, and is equivalent to these name Bo recommended. Of course, the quality of micro-blog to do a good job, give a reason to send a Bo bo.

10, to carry out prizes activities. Provide free prizes to encourage is a marketing model, but it is also a means of promotion, you can get a certain number of users in the short term. Liu Huanbin on

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