Lin Haoming three important factors that must be considered in the construction of the portal

since the teacher to the domain name to my name, he has been troubled by the new project. Because they have a bit of opinion on the site’s operational planning, so do not want to make a hasty decision on this matter. From the beginning of the planning I have consulted a number of predecessors, such as A5 to listen to the wind predecessors, the Pearl River Network biography Dai Guozhi and other senior portal operators. Last year wrote a story about "factors" website operation is not successful because of the problems of the operation of the site clearly their own, so this must be planned, also hope that a station can succeed in the short term.

one, based on open source code. I originally intended to choose dedecms this program, but worry about loopholes, there are many webmaster said dedecms if is not purchased is hard to do. Half of all stations consider their own development or the present home station open source code of CMSTOP, but this program costs more expensive to buy genuine. Based on the strength of the Discuz can be considered, because Kang Sheng was acquired by Tencent, the strength greatly increased. However, in the early development of the final choice of the dedecms, because the purchase of genuine CMSTOP can provide data conversion services.

two, based on the development of technical considerations. Before consulting a lot of templates in the forum to develop the technology, on the one hand, he has never worked with him, so I did not mind. On the other hand, the price is several times higher than our budget price. On the other hand is for the late maintenance services. Based on these three aspects I chose my buddies wit helped me develop a template, because the wit to cooperate with me for almost a year, I in the SEO service which customers need website template development, I always let him find wit. There were so many cases in the past. Plus I love Zhongshan has also helped me maintain the wit.

three, based on space or server considerations. I don’t want to find my brother so strong as Bole wealth, can hit hundreds of thousands to do Bole network in the early. So I think some good virtual host in the early stage of search, can let me consider only the network space with Kang sheng. But I finally chose Kang Sheng space, on the quality I believe that the difference between the two space is not large, but the site will naturally consider the operation of the server.

this a new product will come out soon, I also believe that this product should be a lot of webmasters will be able to use, but this product is not biased in the service category of the webmaster, nor is the webmaster tools. Here do not disclose what is the project, I hope that when the official operation of the time to ask you to help select the webmaster.

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