Music network domain name list 20 meters into a new star

music is a kind of edify sentiment, infection of soul, relaxing melody, music has become an indispensable part of people’s life and music to keep up with the pace of development, the Internet can be seen everywhere on the various types of music website, recently in Alexa January music website ranking on the list, a list of 20 successful music website, the website domain name type diversification a, Pinyin, English, creative, two level domain name, what are the top 20 music network domain name



figure: Alexa music network month ranked

two domain name list of the highest


can be learned from the above, the two level domain finalists list quota of 3, of which Baidu MP3 two domain names on the list of "king". Baidu music search to cover 2196 users ranked first name list, is a major part of Baidu music search is two level domain name two domain name won the other 17 independent domain name domain name power is not small, Baidu two MP3 with the domain name is the dominant search number of user groups, Baidu "Baidu" brand benefit. The list of fourteenth Chinese search music search is also a domain name of the two, and the other is the list of Sogou music search, the domain name is

list of 10 Creative domain name


second is a list of music website nine cool music network, is a typical creative domain, digital 9+ "cool" Pinyin Ku, domain name registration in 2002, in addition, there are seven types of digital Pinyin + Jubilee music, the domain name is registered in 2002 has more than 9 years and nine days of registration, listen to domain name, pronounced "number 8", is a domain name. English word + letters, MTVTOP music network, MTV is a music television abbreviation, Top is the highest, top good, has 9 years of domain name registration time, in addition, HOHXIL music network, coco is cocoa words, C is a homonym of the west".


creative domain play more, in addition to the above two kinds of combination type, list type can be further subdivided innovation domain, such as letters + numbers, list fifth listen to the domain name, domain name is a homonym, the domain name registered in 2003, and Guangzhou is 020 to, Guangzhou city code ST is a visual shiting Pinyin initials, and, domain names.

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