Exclusive Qi East intends to 300 million acquisition of 360 enterprise security business

[Abstract]360 enterprise security business back to the Chinese market, can be used in the field of government security, huge space for development.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on December 9th

360 privatization of the recent concern. After the 360 broke the fastest possible $9 billion signed a definitive agreement for the privatization in mid December after the day before the technology of Tencent was informed that 360 intends to MBO’s enterprise security business (management buyout).

, a person familiar with the matter before the date of Tencent technology revealed that 360 leading enterprise security service MBO is the 360 President Qi Xiangdong, the price of MBO 360 enterprise security business for $more than 300 million.

An information technology Tencent

to display, this time the 360 privatization process, 360 company chairman Zhou Hongyi (micro-blog) may cash in 1 to $200 million in cash for the tax payment of privatization in the process of restructuring, the remaining part of all translation.

after the completion of the privatization, in the premise of program and the 360 restructuring coordination, option incentive 360 or a new issuance of approximately 15% and awarded the core management team, including 80% for Zhou Hongyi, the remaining 20% to the other core management team.

Qi Dong may be 3 to $500 million cash, the rest will be all translation. Analysts believe that Qi Xiangdong large holdings of 360 shares behind, a large part of the cost may be used to pay for the financial needs of the enterprise security business MBO 360.

Tencent technology has confirmed to Qi Xiangdong whether its holdings of 360 shares of cash and may be used for other purposes, Qi Xiangdong refused to answer the meeting. 360 company CFO Xu Zuoli said it would not comment.

Tencent technology call Xinhua insurance investment manager Zhu Xuan, Zhu Xuan said, enterprise security business revenue accounted for only about 360 of total revenue of around, even if the impact of MBO on the overall business of the company is not large. CDB financial investment manager Yang Mei declined to comment.

previously, Qi Xiangdong had said, 360 is to do security, compared with other Internet Co, the mood is more urgent in some of the 360. 360 return to the domestic market, some of the previous foreign capital because of the background can not enter the field of security can go better in the 360.

generally agreed that 360 of the enterprise security business back to the Chinese market, can be used in the field of government security, huge development space.

once the privatization of the 360, and Qi Xiangdong led the completion of the enterprise security business MBO, the main business of the 360 will be more inclined to Zhou Hongyi, corporate security business is more attributable to Qi dong.

online rumors had Zhou Hongyi and Qi Xiangdong discord, brewing separation. In reality, Zhou Hongyi also pays more attention to hardware, Qi Xiangdong pay more attention to security and search technology, Tencent asked Qi Xiangdong 360 will break up, Qi Xiangdong replied: "this is not revealed." < >

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