The Ma Yun phenomenon on the people’s daily headlines out of many little known Mengliao

Ma Yun shared the hardships and harvest, also talked about the dream and struggle, many more permeated with sweat and thinking of the wise remark of an experienced person.

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on visibility, Ma called world celebrities.

in particular, Alibaba created the first public offering of stock market in the United States, the largest in the history of the record, his name is the news ratings, reading and click rate guarantee.

however, Ma and face-to-face chat, you will find his plain and easy-going. He will look into your eyes and make you feel respected. If a circle of people sitting around, he can take care of everyone’s emotions.

thin Ma, fast response, his friends described: "the man’s brain and mouth are connected." An opening, who did not play the draft wit will bubbling surging spewing out. These words, full of philosophy, it is memorable, but no arrogant taste.

from the hard work out of difficulties and hardships he knows a truth: hope to be respected, to respect others; to hope for success to help others succeed.


in the fall of 1999, 18 young people together 500 thousand yuan in Hangzhou West Lake business planning. Look, the young man is ma. Source: network

Alibaba China dream, is to serve the world,

Alibaba dream of building, is in a time of frustration gradually clear.

Ma Yun said that he was very ordinary: college entrance examination 3 times; when looking for work was refused more than 30 times. Go to KFC candidates, 24 people took the 23, he was the only one that was brushed down.

1995, Alibaba was founded 4 years ago, Hangzhou Normal University English teacher Ma Yun went to the United States, Seattle, the first contact with the internet. In China, the public’s understanding of the Internet is almost blank. This is a good opportunity for young people, made a bold decision: to do this in the future!

After the return of

Ma invited 24 friends home, said he was ready to resign from the University, to join the internet. It took him two hours to convince everyone. Then voted, 23 people against. But he did not give up, riding an old bike to sell from their own point of view, to raise funds to start.

, however, he is faced with, there is no fruit everywhere loans, 20 times to go abroad to be rejected financing.

harvest or frustration, the 17 and he has the same entrepreneurial passion of the young people closely together. The autumn of 1999, 18 of them gathered in the west of Hangzhou Ma’s home. "How much money each person has, but to stay for 10 months to eat money. Don’t ask your parents to borrow money, ask your parents to borrow money

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