How to make the nternet become the company’s money machine

[Dongsheng] is a specialized information service for small and medium enterprises network marketing company, providing platform management, team operation and promotion planning, personnel training and integration of network marketing services for small and medium enterprises.

[Dongsheng] is committed to service enterprise network marketing, with the most professional teaching methods, for you to solve the marketing problem, and lead you to the actual marketing, to help you solve the marketing difficulties. Our goal is: for the enterprise network marketing personnel training services to enterprises, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in network marketing, help individual talent, help enterprises to become the leading Internet marketing company, Chinese.

generally speaking, an enterprise wants to go to a higher return on investment, it must be marketing, so that more people understand, understand, trust companies. The enterprises in the network marketing, we must set the following positions, and planning the following personnel: wage distribution network supervisor 8000 yuan / person 6000 yuan / person; web programmer; website design web editors 6000 yuan; 3000 yuan / person; network promotion specialist 3000 yuan / person. Thus, when the enterprise network marketing wages will be: 26000 yuan. This is only the most basic labor costs, in addition, there are office space, the purchase of computers, broadband Internet access and so on the cost of the enterprise is to bear.

shows that the enterprise is huge, in the network marketing need to take these expenses, all can be passed on to the network marketing professional service agencies to undertake the now social division of labor is getting smaller, things should be professional to professional people to do better, but also can produce a greater effect. Dongsheng is such a professional company, if and [Dongsheng information] cooperation, enterprises do not have to build a team, you can carry out large-scale automation of network marketing services.

[Dongsheng] network marketing services include several aspects:

website overall planning

website copywriter

web design services

website thematic planning

website program development

network advertising design

search engine optimization

network marketing planning consultant

online advertising strategy development

website traffic analysis services

enterprise online customer service training

search engine bidding management services

video marketing

social media marketing

sales data analysis and optimization

[Dongsheng] information comprehensive planning + + training site + promotion + 1 one-stop service, specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide the traditional network marketing implementation services, solve the problem of enterprise network marketing, network marketing experts around you. Powerful web

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