What is the value of independent brand development

brand, is a facade of the enterprise, is a corporate reputation, is a long-term development of the soul of the enterprise. Successful companies will put their brand building into the long-term development of the first, the brand to a certain cultural connotation, a good reputation of the brand can bring a steady stream of power.

from the direction of the development of large enterprises, extending transverse longitudinal development is a scientific development strategy, but by the longitudinal development of a successful brand will develop another product or service, we call it the diversified development of enterprises, many enterprises are looking to diversify, and strive to make their own has a huge system of products, in response to a more severe test of the market, but many companies are seeking business diversification blindly, they make their products attached to the original brand, brand to attempt to drive a new brand, of course, we can’t deny that this is wrong, but at least in the long term. The brand marketing strategy is still questionable.

indeed, in the short term, this strategy is feasible, but if we do it for a long time, we have to let the new brand out of the original brand, independent operation to establish a new brand building program. Otherwise, if our diversified derivative products, is very large, so we the original enterprise brand will become a drag, the new brand will always be mask in the shadow of the original brand, never exceed the old brand. Therefore, enterprises should create an independent product brand. As a simple example, now red on both sides of the Changjiang River JJ Lin was also brought out by Adu, Adu JJ Lin is carrying on a good, but later, when the reputation of JJ Lin after he and Adu’s voice on slowly slowly like disappeared, so as to ensure the stability of the late JJ Lin rapid development.


enterprise is also the enterprise or product positioning, we implement the brand independent development, but also make the products displayed in a professional image, reflecting the product focus, if we rely on the original brand, will easily lose the decision-making center, if the diversification of cross industry, that our brand more it is neither fish nor fowl will make decision makers confused, let the audience more users of ambiguity, so that our brand lose competitiveness.

we all know, in this brand "flood" era, to "professional, fine" to our audience is a kind of trend, is to enhance the competitiveness of the brand needs to grasp the center of Procter & Gamble’s hundreds of products, how many people can go? Cleaning is done the independent development of the brand. So we only know that there are two, very few people know that there are Procter & gamble. The diversified development of the brand will make the brand negative tired, and ultimately lose brand competitiveness.

so, finally, to sum up, the construction of the brand is to shape the competitiveness of the brand, the brand’s competitiveness from the brand’s independent, professional, accurate.

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