A rookie in the eyes of the Chinese website and China’s Webmaster

2002 began to do some small, then still in high school, the limited time energy is limited, but full of enthusiasm. Only do stand to do stand, just personal preference and yearning, the dream has its own website, there are a lot of attention. There will be a lot of utilitarian purpose

2002 may be a brilliant year for the Chinese network, the portal began to profit, many good sites have begun to rise.

is full of enthusiasm for a young webmaster (let’s just say..) may be a painful year. Ever since I was destined for a life changing

for free space. Many are not too long or very unstable, will be in the silent situation Hsiakuan server all the hard but sad. Annoyed too. Cast to waste. But still stand up. What is not a young master. Some just spoke with passion.

finally had to do with a host of Internet cafes, and then build their own servers on the top. But also do a good job hiding.

find someone to do connection. Feel content can do. There is no other factors to consider. Do promotion. Slowly to let others know their own website

does not have much time in high school, and a good environment to sustain the development, so it’s not a long time.

high school in the open closed in the.

enthusiasm is almost exhausted.

for those days now think it should be a brilliant day.

learned a lot.

online also has a lot of resource sharing.

at that time the Internet environment may be much better now than it is.

through the search engine can easily find the information they want. In some BBS questions will be a lot of people will be enthusiastic to help

atmosphere is very harmonious, and sometimes even for some BBS was forced to shut down and sad for a while.

write so much nonsense. You just look at the past never mind.

must be on a junk College

continue to do stand.

spend some money to buy some of the virtual host. Over the previous. Cheated.

for a student or not have their own independent host. These stations do money just from their own living expenses only buckle out.

a lot of people began to collect. Do dumpster. Earn advertising fees. At first I was disdain. Although have thought to earn some money to buy a good host. Finally, I deny myself just as a student or fall in the bottom of my heart clean

is graduating soon

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