18 months of capital spike buy buy bubble era basically ended

"colleagues call, said the resignation, two days this company is very confusing, a few pieces of good cry!…… Lay off without warning, HR stand behind the computer format, immediately asked an hour to sign! There is no room for negotiation, our department yesterday day cut more than and 20! "On August 19, 2011, pan Gao Peng Shanghai signature Liz employees at sina sent a micro-blog, immediately raged in the Internet industry. A number of local city Gaopeng’s official micro-blog defection, live around the layoffs dispute. There are both internal sources, just six months, the number of employees Gaopeng swelled to 2000, and then quickly cuts for the 1000.

Groupon of the United States and Tencent in a joint venture China group purchase website. Groupon is the originator of group purchase industry, known as the history of the Internet is the valuation of the most crazy company, was founded in 18 months when the valuation of $1 billion 350 million. In China, it has a bunch of antecedents suspicious, the size of the children "". According to incomplete statistics, as of August, China has more than 5500 companies to buy, nearly 18 months, the average daily new out of the 10.

The day before the

in high friends in micro-blog employee before the explosion of the horrors of the layoffs, handle network founder Wu Bo to "China entrepreneur" reporter, "our rival with the distance is larger and larger, (an opponent) becomes more and more difficult to get investment, did not get the money to live." Seems to be a tribute to the Groupon, handle network, but also the history of China’s Internet history valuation of the most crazy buy enterprise (13 months when the establishment of a valuation of $1 billion 100 million).

, however, to some extent, the United States in Chinese originator of the layoffs, has marked burst Chinese indicates that the whole industry group purchase xuhuo, staking end into rational systolic. Recently, there have been closed and even layoffs, group purchase website, Juankuan money, the scale was among the top ten Wo Wo Group also because of massive layoffs involved in labor disputes.

"group purchase winter has come, the U.S. mission network founder Wang told the reporter," impossible five thousand are developing very well, like the game, a lot of people then have preliminaries, semi-finals, a final development to this stage, the front wheel is relatively clear, at the back of the possibility of capital support is much smaller."

Wu Bo and Wang Xing it invariably reveals a truth, "thousand group war" behind the most important capital, at the beginning of "kidnapping" in this industry, leading the industry rules of the game. Everyone is in contention for the top 3, the top 5, did not do the first few, no market opportunities, the following financing will be a big problem." And jade equity investment fund partner said Zeng yu.

in the past 18 months, most group purchase enterprises coerced capital, financing, crazy crazy expansion, even without the money to finance capital also desperately want to yell, "enclosure" and "quanqian". Because of financing – rapid expansion – refinancing of this cycle chain, as long as one step backward, it may

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