CN domain name how far can go

with the continuous development of the Internet, the domain name is also more and more important, but the strange phenomenon of Chinese CN domain name is getting heavier and heavier..

1.CN can be described as flooding the point, from the previous 400-700 block of money to develop a CN domain name to 1 dollars now, China is so popular CN domain name.

2 domain name registration difficult. Double Pinyin words CN domain name basically cut off, say three or four. The domain name where, in the hands of cybersquatting, they are specially registered to sell at high prices, 10 names, 10 open website, domain name on the Internet in their hands development is good? With the development of the Internet, rather than on the development of domain name transactions. To promote the development of trade industry, a due today to delete the domain name, you want to manually registered, that is in the dream. They are using software registration. Second can send N request command,

3 due to delete a domain name domain name on the dealer down the big bag, and then choose the good domain name, you see today due delete domain name, they are all registered, a few days later found the garbage and domain name registration, that is they began to pack down the domain name, screening don’t throw away after, they don’t delete the money, you can register. You have to find them to want to buy a good domain name, so that the domain name now difficult personal registration, only to spend money to buy.

4 expire every day to delete the CN domain name can be registered after 4:30, at this time, a number of domain name registrar can not register CN domain name to be registered after 5 points, the test has been many times.

I feel a bit unfair, for our ordinary webmaster. A little black.


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