The Ministry said the record will not resolve the international domain name registration surge

With the

network anti wind more and more tight, the Ministry of industry and information technology recently resorted to punch, pushing the five measures to strengthen the management of domain names, against mobile phone jurisprudence.

reporter was informed yesterday, the Ministry of industry, the Ministry of public security, as well as the relevant person in charge of the country’s domain name registration authority, domain name registration services, the main person in charge of a total of more than 100 people recently held a meeting. At the meeting, Liu Jie, deputy director of the Ministry of Telecommunications Authority to carry out the registration of the domain name registration service management norms remediation actions carried out a comprehensive deployment. He pointed out that part of the website operators to carry out illegal reckless with greed pornographic information dissemination activities, mainly from government supervision means including domain, transform domain jump, use of foreign domain name registration convenience and concealment; and some of the administrative agencies of domain name registration, domain name registration services social responsibility consciousness is not strong, not conscientiously implement the provisions of the state the domain name management, provides an opportunity for criminals to spread pornographic in this regard, the Ministry formulated five measures to curb and eliminate pornographic websites with domain name transform repeatedly access, strong governance, evade supervision behavior of transform domain name website.

these five measures, including the establishment of domain name holders blacklist mechanism; domain name transfer and provide the use of others, must be re registered; the site does not record the domain name is not resolved (including jump), etc.. According to a ministry attended the meeting of the insiders told reporters that these measures each efforts are no trivial matter, domain name registration areas or face a "big reshuffle".

According to

, a porn site from the beginning to the end, need to go through the following aspects: content creation – application domain name – DNS – site record – the search for hosting or access providers – end users, and five measures of the Ministry of industry, has covered from the application domain – domain name – site record – the search for hosting or access business "this several key steps.

– Interpretation of

MIIT domain name management five measures

1 measures: to establish and improve the domain name holder blacklist mechanism, will be closed domain name holders into the blacklist.

interpretation: blacklist means that the domain name has been used in the illegal record holders, will be permanently kicked out of the domain name registration in this area. It is understood that all of China’s domain name registration companies are required to implement the blacklist mechanism, whether it is.Cn or.Com domain name registration, must be close to the domain name holders into the blacklist.

but a fear of related illegal units, can be registered by a new company or anchored in the name of other units, re mixed in this field.

2 measures: strict implementation of domain name applicants should submit true, accurate, complete domain name registration information, for the domain name transfer and provide the use of others, must be re registered.

interpretation: by this one of the most influential, than a large number of "rice farming" group (dubbed as the homonym domain name >

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