Please use our influence to make a contribution to the future of the nation

      first of all, I am not AD! The link appears in the article we do not point is that I do not care about these traffic.

      I listened to an unnamed well-known artists view of sea art events

      BLOG quote me in words: the following quoted content: not a few students

      because of my language ability, I’m sorry you can understand!

      I hope that we can make good use of the majority of our webmaster influence, expand the knowledge, so that more people concerned and thinking!

      I hope you do not misunderstand, I do not call you for giving me the BLOG or Orangeate HAIYI2007 on your website links, we can arrange some special information on their website!

      if you want to do it, we suggest that we should pay attention to several points:

      1: we must control the direction of speech.

      boring is not reviled level, these people reviled by most people just to vent their dissatisfaction or join in the fun! If everyone is so down the government will come forward to interfere. We must lead the discussion to a more rational, deeper level. For example: the atmosphere of society now, ah, ah, the education system, the requirements of the children ah, etc..

      2: best not to announce what phone number.

      so as to constitute a crime. (I do not really understand, but less violation of the privacy of others was released) or you have an ulterior motive number is a terrible person a big personal phone, so your website is not quite finished!


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