Taobao mobile phone number merchant called the rumor shield inconstant in policy

Extended reading: Taobao mobile phone number: the seller may shield buyers lost user data

Taobao every decree promulgated, will make the business state of extreme nervousness. deeply.

July 1st news, according to informed, according to the previous screen mobile phone number that buyers (see "Taobao mobile phone number: the seller may shield buyers lost user data link", Taobao yesterday evening announced again, said the rumor is not true. However, did not give the final approach to Taobao, which also makes part of the business is still on tenterhooks.

according to Taobao’s latest statement, said only the buyers will not simply shield mobile phone number, whether it will eventually cut off contact between buyers and sellers, and how to better the user data to businesses, is not clear.

Taobao released a statement screenshot

said in a statement, Taobao pointed out that as a platform to promote good communication between buyers and sellers, while trying to help the seller to better serve and retain customers.

Taobao also stressed that the main purpose of the move is still to help users protect privacy, avoid fraud. For this, Taobao hopes to seek advice from the merchant.

the news last night about 10:30 to hang out, but the feedback from the merchants did not show too much optimism. Especially for Taobao to make a lot of Taobao inconstant in policy practice, sellers lack a sense of security.

it is understood that Taobao issued a notice in June 27th, said it will launch a named "mobile phone protection" service, the user does not show the real shopping at Taobao after the mobile phone number of sellers and logistics companies, only the system temporary mobile phone number automatically assigned shows. Sellers and logistics companies can contact the user through a temporary phone number to support voice calls and text messages transfer, the end of the transaction or the user to terminate the service after the temporary number is released and frozen, unable to continue.

The message was posted on the Taobao

service open platform, but soon there are businesses noted that the paste link is deleted, and unable to jump. The industry speculated that the original plan may lead to buyers and sellers will be completely split lost contact, the user will be the exclusive control of large data Taobao, which will obviously cause the merchant’s resistance.

Taobao previously released announcement, the current page has been deleted

, a lot of time Taobao is to make policy, no matter what, first come out, look bad, shrink back, and then find the opportunity to release. So follow Taobao very tired, this is an extremely erratic company." A businessman bluntly.

let the business is the elusive, although Taobao strongly refuted, but still do not know exactly why the final treatment plan. Taobao’s latest announcement by the statement, even if it does not take the direct way to mask the buyer’s phone number, but

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