Lv Chuanwei announced the strategic integration of the United States and the United States CEO

[Abstract] after the merger of the two companies, the personnel structure remains unchanged, the business continues to develop in parallel, and will retain its own brand and business independence.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on February 14th

once a year the Western Valentine’s Day approaching, the biggest change occurred in the taxi software market. Didi taxi and fast taxi today issued a joint statement, announced the merger of two strategic. The two sides determined that the appropriate time after the Spring Festival, held a press conference.

new company will implement the Co-CEO system, drops taxi CEO Cheng Wei and fast taxi CEO Lv Chuanwei served as joint CEO. The two companies remain unchanged on the personnel structure, business continues to develop in parallel, and will retain their own brand and business independence.

drops taxi CEO Cheng Wei looks forward to the vision of the new company. He said that the rapid development of China Mobile (micro-blog) travel can not only maximize energy savings, ground transportation resources, and fundamentally solve the urban traffic congestion dilemma. More importantly, through the mobile travel platform, people began to establish a trust relationship between people, and in the most extensive sense, the establishment of social credit system.

fast taxi CEO Lv Chuanwei said that the two sides after the merger, the two companies will focus on the advantages of technology, products, talents, has introduced a more perfect travel service products, to further accelerate the speed of market expansion, to produce more articles with effect, enhance the overall competitiveness, more actively promote the development of effective mobile travel industry.

According to

, a taxi drops and quick taxi after a long price war, the two companies after repeated communication and management, and ultimately reached a consensus, decided to merge the two companies strategic.

both sides did not disclose the stake and the new company valuation. According to the Wall Street Journal reported earlier, drops taxi and fast taxi after the merger valuation or will reach $6 billion.

drops taxi and fast taxi were born in 2012, since the date of the establishment, the pace of the two in the market layout is very similar, the competition is particularly fierce. Statistics show that drops taxi for the 4 round of investment, the total amount of more than $800 million announced. Quick taxi announced the amount of financing and taxi drops similar. With the support of capital, taxi drops and quick taxi around the market share for the "money war" has intensified.

Tencent and two giants Ali shares respectively, a taxi drops and quick taxi has become WeChat payment and Alipay access to mobile Internet users bridgehead. The taxi drops in January 2014 announced a partnership with WeChat, WeChat and WeChat to support the payment function, also added the entrance taxi drops fast taxi; in 2013 8 access to Alipay, the two in the mobile payment as the war began to highlight.

business, with the taxi software market has become saturated, the market structure has stabilized, with a larger increase of the special

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