witnessed the close of Wenchuan earthquake

      please first 3 minutes of silence……………….
      yesterday about 2:28, I was in Chengdu on the housing Sanhuan (ground) in the station, suddenly feeling behind the bookcase shaking, I thought what the animal looked back and found the roof of lime was falling, and obviously felt a severe earthquake. Then ran to the house, I saw the whole floor of the overall obvious shaking, (this building is built in 80s, a little old) and immediately fell off the feeling. My first reaction is dangerous to cross off, then ran 5 meters, I noticed that the 2 side of the house was shaking (shaking amplitude exceeding 5 cm), I immediately realized that the earthquake came. More desperate to run, at this time, another man on the ground floor also ran out, we almost run off the shoes at the same time (slippers). So I ran barefoot, pay attention to the 2 side of the floor, regardless of foot. The roof of the flowerpot has fallen off the balcony, the building has been shaking blurred, then suddenly there is a feeling of the u.s..
      finally to the open belt, one after another to see thousands of people ran out. Run the shoes to wear underwear and Nightwear too many to count, There are plenty of people who are. Intense shaking lasts about 2 minutes.
    special scene: a woman ran to the open belt, legs soft, fell to the ground crying. A man stumbled out from the six floor, the leg full of blood. A man’s notebook fell into 2 and half, not to pick up, continue to run forward.
    touching scene: six floor live a woman, next door to live in a rented guy. When the earthquake came, the young man found the woman was knocked down at the door, immediately went up and down the woman downstairs. Downstairs, leg all soft, still suffering from the shock.
  at this time, the phone can not get through. 5 minutes later, an old man in the hands of the radio to get the news, from my place in Wenchuan, 90 km outside the earthquake occurred after the earthquake (after the official statement is level 7.8.): Not far from a hospital in Dujiangyan and a primary school collapsed, Mianyang earthquake 7.1.
  20 minutes later, I went back to the house, the door was still open, the computer was still on, and I turned off the computer. And ran out, half an hour later, the empty belt has gathered thousands of people, feeling a strong aftershock. There’s a lot more news in the evening. I return to the house again, is 18 more minutes on the more than and 10 knowledge about earthquakes (and browse to the NetEase and the Sichuan news network has issued the report of an earthquake, the earthquake spread to Beijing), and the FTP map of Wenchuan to my online. And then quickly shut down the computer and ran out.
  in the evening, 90% of the people out of the room overnight. Late twelve, the rescue team was blocked by the collapse of the mountain, and the sky began to rain. I didn’t sleep well all night. Turn on the TV at 6 in the morning. From my 200 kilometers, North Sichuan county, the towns of Wenchuan were destroyed.

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