nternational top Chinese domain name

[Abstract]PC and mobile two camps mainstream browsers have been supported.


technology news (Le Tian) August 6th news, the international top Chinese domain. URL before the official global open registration. International top Chinese domain name, website in 2011 was included in the first batch of ICANN Chinese domain name application directory.

in April this year. URL into the root of the international application to complete all aspects of the assessment, formally written into the global Internet root domain, which means "web site." as the top international web resources, formally incorporated into the global Internet domain name system.

at present, PC and mobile two camps mainstream browser has been fully supported. In the future, users do not have to remember cumbersome English letters, such as Starbucks, simply enter the Starbucks site, you can go directly to the Starbucks site.

domain name Chinese consortium chairman Qian Hualin pointed out that, as the most suitable for the global Chinese Internet habits of 600 million Chinese top-level domain, "web site." has the characteristics of easy to remember, easy to spread, easy to enter the market, are generally optimistic about the prospects.

China Chairman Mao Wei (micro-blog) announced today by the international top Chinese domain. URL officially open for registration on the occasion, general website / wireless web site also completed upgrades to achieve major products and services.

registered general website / wireless web site available with the same name. URL "top-level domain, will also get a mobile phone website, mobile phone APP, micro sites of the three mobile platform and the corresponding operation promotion service, formed from the site resources, the promotion of the entrance, mobile platforms, marketing one-stop mobile marketing solutions.

to wireless web site, for example, after the upgrade of the wireless web site, users will automatically get one-stop mobile marketing solutions. This program set address resources, promotion entrance, display platform, marketing services as one.

These features include:

mobile platform, including integrated flash built cube, flash built APP, micro services network of three products of all functions and all versions, and mobile phone website, mobile phone APP and micro sites and other production services;

to protect the user experience of these services, the network said it had set up customer service center in Langfang, set up R & D center in Zhengzhou, the top node in the global deployment, hundreds of people in the team to provide service and technical support.

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