Fujian police network for the first time settled 9 sites when the public places

southeast Network – strait Metropolis Daily News May 11th:


yesterday morning, Fuzhou’s first network security police room – Netdragon "network security policing" was formally established and put into use in Netdragon websoft Inc. exhibition office. Netdragon and gold online website 9 provincial network security police office, Fujian became the first listing of the network security police room. Network security police room located in a large network company, which makes the network police from the background to the front desk, from the virtual network to the real management. Why do you want to set up a network security police room, network security police room, what will be the role of


[working mode]

from passive to active

for the police, even often users access to the Internet, are still quite mysterious. The police is primarily responsible for guiding and organizing the implementation of the security protection of public information network and the Internet; to guide and organize the implementation of information network security supervision work; participate in research to develop information security policies and technical specifications; and in the computer network, complex system, access, dissemination of harmful information and computer crime and other duties in accordance with the law.

Fuzhou City Public Security Bureau Chief Supervisor detachment management supervision department Tang Shouqing told reporters, with the development of the Internet, various Internet increasing, harmful information and network crime continue to occur. Previously, the network police are behind the scenes, very mysterious, in 2007, when the network began to open police management. At the time of the public management, mainly for the Fuzhou interactive website, website in the bottom of the page, the police will ask open units to implement the alarm sign, the cartoon image of the police, if users find harmful information, click on the icon to enter the police, the police alarm site, police received the alarm, will grasp the disposal of harmful information. "Now is the key to strengthen the management of the Internet, from passive into active," Tang Shouqing told reporters, in the background, is mainly passive warning, channel users report. Now, after the establishment of a network of Internet security police room, and Internet companies interact more closely.


two police room with a police

Tang Shouqing said, is not what Internet companies can establish a network security police room. There are three conditions to create a network security police room, including a large number of visits to the site, Internet users high activity, social impact of the site, etc..

A total of 9 Internet companies to set up network security police office of Fujian province

Xiamen, which from the site of a large amount, there are 7 online room service; Fuzhou city has two police, including Netdragon and gold online.

in Netdragon, the reporter saw just the listing of Fuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau police room. Set up a special office area, the wall of the Fuzhou Public Security Bureau network security police room, the brand, the room is also equipped with computers and other equipment.

Tang Shouqing tells note

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