Buy network prevalent analysis of the commercial nature of the Buy mode

was initially aware of this pattern of Groupon, I think it is very interesting, then the heart was so low cost of entrepreneurship seems to be able to create such a miracle, if in COPY TO CHINA, it also got. Indeed, after 1 months, China everywhere Groupon imitators, hundred regiments kicked off.

Chinese earlier launched the group purchase website is the beginning of Wang Xing team launched meituan, launched in the U.S. group net in just two or three months, the domestic is the emergence of a large number of followers, or copying plagiarism GroupOn in web interface, business model and process design etc.. Among them, the more well-known are: handle network, glutinous rice network (thousands of oaks), fierce buy network (physical goods to buy more). In addition, the original veteran Internet Co also launched a group buying services, such as Sina, Sohu, Tencent, Taobao, public comment, etc.. So before the blog, SNS, micro-blog, imitate and follow the trend has become the norm in the industry.

, however, in my opinion, compared to the previous group buying site Internet model, its business prospects are more promising. On the one hand, because of its natural and business combination, two because of deep plowing and line in the group purchase website of regional services on the threshold is very high, relatively easy to form a barrier. In the current domestic thousands of buy site, the biggest is the handle network. At present; handle network in the country more than 100 large and medium-sized city opened a station, and every day (day) to launch the popular group purchase service, catering, leisure, entertainment and health care coverage and other common services. On the handle network, the most rare or in the choice of business and post service, according to the number of food and beverage outlets in my hand to buy online, the service and quality of food and beverage are also good.

in fact, the concept of "group purchase website" long ago has appeared, such as the Shanghai building materials (group purchase group purchase network, regulating the family network) but in quite a long period of time, this kind of group purchase website and the daily lives of ordinary Internet users or too far, launched the product service Yu Xiazhai, so did not reach the very the hot point in china. However, the GroupOn model of group buying site close to people’s lives, the discount rate is large, easy to buy (coupons can be directly printed or sent to the phone in the form of text messages), so it can quickly attract popularity. In addition, for many catering, leisure, entertainment and health services businesses, on the one hand, can greatly enhance the popularity, on the other hand, for their own brand of propaganda also plays a very important role, is a kind of effective advertising channels.

Unpopular with the technical threshold of

group purchase Website Web site is relatively low, let the night, the emergence of a lot of group purchase websites, especially the traditional strong Internet Co involved, these are so many people for independent group purchase sites of future worries. Previously, the white crow that the group purchase is likely to become a "function", and then become the standard for many large web sites. In fact, although some websites before can become a standard for group purchase "function", may also attract more popular, "

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