Taobao is the only user to adhere to the principle of fighting

days ago, a letter from the Alibaba’s internal mail exposure. In recent years, Taobao search rules to adjust the storm, Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma in this letter addressed to the internal staff of employees with emotion, adhere to the ideals and mission, is to pay a huge price." At the same time, Ma before the search for Taobao to sort out the rules to optimize and modify again to make sure that the move is based on the protection of the interests of consumers, while supporting the integrity of the seller. Subsequently, Lu Zhaoxi, President of Taobao has also made a response, saying that Taobao is born for the ideal, it is destined to fight for the principles."

network black forces malicious attacks triggered concerns from all walks of life

mail source to two months ago, Taobao search new regulation. According to the relevant person in charge of Taobao, July 8th, Taobao search search rules to optimize the changes, while the search for seven search cheating. In the new regulations, the impact of the quality of the seller’s service quality greatly increased the order, designed to improve the user experience, improve the service.

analysts said, due to the implementation of the new regulations, make many attempts by the irregular operations of "edge ball" business suffered more, so this has been hit by Taobao’s "fried letter" black chain one disaster after another. Very few have to regulate the operation of the seller will be mustered up, using a variety of ways to obstruct the new rules of the normal.

, the attempt to obstruct the action of Taobao’s new rules, initiated by some malicious sellers Taobao organization." The analysts said the attack on the new regulations for Taobao, mainly by means of malicious click on Taobao sellers through the vehicle advertising means, threatening Taobao sellers to put pressure on Taobao.

"the organizers always hide behind." A "crazy call Hangzhou realignment through QQ group", "to provide accommodation and transportation funding, parade banners", some sellers even forced to participate, "no, business will be smashed like intimidation, harassment It is often seen. in Taobao, as long as a little on the new rules of the new product identity, it was all the way through intimidation, harassment, business.

"the seller through malicious click Taobao sellers train ads, and sellers to abandon the use of threat to Taobao Taobao train and other means to put pressure on Taobao, or even two times in a row to Taobao, forcing Taobao to abandon party demonstrations, to reform and improve the platform." Industry experts have pointed out that the network black forces malicious attacks also caused some buyers and sellers of concern. There are users in an interview with reporters, said the search for new regulations to increase the weight of the seller’s supervision, for consumers is undoubtedly good, I hope Taobao adhere to, do not be disturbed by these saboteurs.

is ideal for the survival of the user is the only

in the message, Ma stressed that Taobao only one God, that is, Taobao users." Lu Zhaoxi, President of Taobao also subsequently bluntly, this is the consumer’s choice, to protect the interests of buyers, is the lifeline of Taobao and all sellers."


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