Talk about some taboos and opportunities in WeChat combat


to do marketing, some people into the error, the first error is the name in front of A, for everyone to see my mail list in the A scene.


A letter, get rid of business itself, such as the A5 webmaster, such as Aaron, Jen, the rest is to deliberately cause the attention of others, then you see the light that I am one of five thousand friends had arranged mail list so terrible, that million number do you. Where is it, your name will be noticed, basically removed the rhythm, so why WeChat combat starts to change the name, because it would be a good name to remember, in the front row and let his name so do not have meaning, The loss outweighs the gain..

my circle of friends, head and name and micro signal to build the best is my own, number: 518497. Let’s look at this number, is not easy to remember, in a lecture, announced that can make people remember that money is QQ, and WeChat bought hang together, this number is very good for the future released powder and then my head;, although very old, but this photo is by artists hand to take pictures, a little sense of art, I love, is also very easy on the number of online. I have a bride for the brother-in-law in a small fan was recognized, this is a clear photo used in WeChat picture on the benefits; then there is the name, river level, real name, did not hang hang products Jihouhou, give a person calm feeling; the signature is the decoration industry to play the old man, not what is known as the originator of experts, what, what is the founder, used to make fun of your own language summary.

I have a lot of WeChat

ring number name and avatar collocation is not good, for example, a personal name is A Lee, head of a one inch photo, the face is quite big, also is not beautiful, as a customer, see this picture I have can not bear to look, whether he what is his name; and, the first letter A is a mistake, then claiming a total, this is the most ridiculous, there is a person claiming to be a teacher, these names are being called when plus, what their name directly, but WeChat is ridiculous; a long string digital if it is online announced it is not possible to remember, so for the WeChat powder is not very convenient.

to tell you the truth, I have never heard of these things, the lecturer said, in the first time I played WeChat I know, any profound things, but also need to lay the foundation.

good name must be easy to remember, some people with English, so does your circle is foreign, you are selling to foreigners, if not, you take the English name where the meaning is, I will do a few English, noble, to let people see your name understand it; perhaps because I haven’t finished junior high, corresponding to its strange, so when I need to delete friends too full, first delete is >

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