The acquisition rumors behind the music sales break 2 billion 100 million shares soaring

September 19th news, today officially opened the 919 festival music fans, from music as the official data show that after just 15 minutes of music as ecological products in all platforms (LETV mall, LEpar, music as a super TV Jingdong flagship store, Tmall LETV TV flagship store, country music and beauty electricity supplier flagship store Suning sales channels) a total of 1 billion 360 million yuan.

billion state power network to understand, in which the music as a member of the total sales of over 850 million yuan, 15 minutes of music as a super TV sold 302 thousand units, LETV said, this year the number is more than 618 of the total sales of super TV all day long, and the super mobile phone more than 204 thousand taiwan.

in addition, LETV also announced the other aspects of the data, the intelligent hardware 15 minutes total sales of 13 million 930 thousand yuan, net wine network total sales of 1 million 500 thousand yuan, other LETV ecological products including easy to car, LETV financial derivative products and sales of over 117 million yuan.

fact, LETV 15 minutes with a large range of massive sales promotion inseparable. Billion state power network to understand, in addition to music as their own platform, all the other major business platform, including Jingdong,, Gome Home home home were hanging out of the music as 919 fans Festival theme page.

In addition to

, the music is also micro-blog, WeChat and other social channels for advertising.

it is worth mentioning that in the previous 919 day before, as was reported to the acquisition of the Amazon Chinese rumors, a maxed circle of friends, but the news was soon China Amazon response, Amazon China said, "the rumors stop wise". And this morning, Amazon China once again issued a statement about this rumor response (Figure 1)


Figure 1: Amazon China to respond to the contents of the statement screenshot

in fact, for 919 fans Festival, music from the top to the whole company attaches great importance to. Billion state power network learned today at the beginning of 0, LETV senior in LETV founder under the leadership of Jia Yueting, personally supervise the platform (Figure 2), and is also the internal walls of music as the company slogan, "to the Jingdong and the cuff and kick millet" (Figure 3).


Figure 2:

Jia Yueting LETV senior personally supervise the platform


Figure 3: as the company’s internal slogan

It is reported that

, the 919 fans Festival, in addition to music as a foreign, including GREE, OMRON, SANYO, Joyoung and other related products also join them.

in addition to the above publicity, LETV said today at 21:19, the music will jointly Jiangsu TV Festival held in the stars.

for music as the 919 series of promotional activities >

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