The most deadly three directional errors

      the most fatal directional error of

      in many Web Operations Consulting users, the site found that some sites from the page to the background art program development, from the content to the promotion is very good, but it is difficult to get more users, more do not talk about profit, the reason, the original is in the wrong direction.

      talking about the second race of the tortoise and the hare

      it is said that after the defeat of the rabbit was not convinced, and decided to challenge the second race the tortoise. This time, the hare learned the last lesson, did not sleep, but ran forward……. But in the end, the hare lost again. Why? The rabbit ran in the wrong direction!

      the wrong direction: ask for perfection

      a consulting users to the site to ask questions, how to improve their number of registered members of the site? The consultant according to the user’s browsing. With this website, found this website with the Alibaba’s situation is somewhat like, almost all of the industry, and also a lot of subdivision area, detailed classification clear, nice page program, functions are in place, and even the content, the amount of information is also good.

      but why is it hard to attract more users?. Not ask for perfection of its advantages and characteristics, any industry users will think this station is not the first choice, there is no need to waste time registered members……

      error direction two: blindly follow

      "so and so site to do very good, very profitable, if we do a should also be very good." If you are thinking about it, you may be in a dangerous state……

      a few days ago, the user asked me: "how to make a hao123?"……" I think a lot of people who have web site experience will be against the issue. Others can do, you may not be able to do, and now may not; the same concept, most people will not easily change preferences. Maybe even if you have 10 times the strength, can not do another hao123

      error direction three: the location is not accurate, the content is miscellaneous

      many website operators in order to increase the popularity and increasing column content, so that more proficient in astronomy, geography Everything is contained therein. >.

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