The site’s profitability depends on doing practical things


trial network was established in 2006 February, the first investment in the 06 years of the end of April, we are now about 10000000 registered users. For consumers, this platform can see a lot of activities; for us is a platform for consumers with a close communication; to the enterprise, this platform is our business to make a trial scheme of marketing.

website relies on the fact that the profitability of doing

started in 2006 of February, our current registered users are about 10000000. Because we will guide the user to come to use, so the development of fast. We started from the first day to make a profit, because we are doing a real thing, that is to do business marketing programs. At present, there are competitors in the industry, because we have just set up a few in the following, Beijing and Shanghai have.

e-commerce and advertising are Internet trends

on the development trend of China’s Internet, I am more optimistic about this e-commerce. I do poineering work before the company is IBC, the cost may be 2000 yuan, and sold out is 5000. Now I try to do a year and a half, give me the greatest feeling may be a lot of upfront investment, including media. In addition, the trend is advertising, we are looking at the experience of marketing in this area, so to do this site.

on Baidu and Alibaba PK, I look at the identity of a user, Baidu and Alibaba are very good business, and in fact does not conflict. You can understand that Alibaba to do marketing, in fact Baidu began to do is general search, there is no direct conflict.

in the future, and we hope we can cooperate Emay, play integration advantages and possibility of success in the next two years can be listed.

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