The interpretation of Taobao black chain Ma knife stocking to captive transformation

Taobao fried black industry chain behind the crackdown, also has a "two signal transformation": Taobao from "Stocking" era to the "captive" in the era of transformation. Transformation from C2C to B2C, to provide a healthy environment for enterprise class surfaced


] Chinese Entrepreneurs Network Ma exposure of an internal e-mail, let a Taobao launched the "anti" storm has become a target for all.

September 6th, in response to the part of the Taobao search by the adjustment of the way to sell or even against the issue, the chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma made a tough response: would rather turn off Taobao, do not give up the principle.

storm began in July 8th. The same day, Taobao announced the latest search rules. Different from the previous hot degree and price index, the Taobao increased the weight of integrity, quality of service standards, the seller was re sorting. In the new ranking criteria, there was speculation, credit, misplaced category, abuse of keywords, commodity prices and other seven categories of serious discrepancies for the behavior of sellers are "grey down right", its ranking in the search results is put on the location.

Taobao this move angered many sellers. In July 21st, a small number of sellers began to take extreme action, part of the threat of advertising in Taobao sellers, requiring the latter to stop advertising. Even several ten sellers in the containment headquarters in Hangzhou held in front of protest banners. According to the results of the police investigation, the incident is a planned, organized "deliberate" behavior, some in the past by the evil forces of the shadow business loopholes profit Taobao sellers, which flashed.

in fact, both the feud began in earnest last year. April 2009, Taobao announced that there will be credit speculation (hereinafter referred to as fried letter) and other acts of the black industry chain to combat.

also known as "credit sale", that is, the release of virtual online transactions. In this way, the original shop overnight not only No one shows any interest in the transaction again and again, and rave reviews, quickly sat "diamond level seller’s throne, so as to drive the business is getting hot. Fried letter even derived from professional delete bad, blocking competitors such as business, forming a sufficient to control the public opinion of the black chain. Taobao said that some of the sellers involved in the acquisition of the letter into the group’s tools difficult to escape. "Once the sellers want to quit, then report the threat of fried letter group. Some fried letter group simply Ming cheat, sellers of a vanished past, nowhere to redress the grievances of the seller."

After a strong response to

Ma Yun, Taobao in September 8th and issued a tough statement: to strike hard fried black chain letter. "We told the participants and behind the hype letter speculation channel platform again, not luck, Taobao will continue to strike at all costs not false credit speculation, we have something in the Taobao platform."


, Taobao fry black industry chain behind the crackdown, also has a "two signal transformation":


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