Word of mouth interactive 3 executives paid delete posts said to delete the post is the unspoken rul

yesterday, due to the fact that the crime of illegal operation of paid delete posts, the defendant Yang Fei (left), Li Jinfu (left two) was brought to court for trial. Beijing News reporter Wang Guibin photo

Beijing News "Xinhua insurance", "garden" and other companies paid delete negative information, Beijing interactive word-of-mouth marketing planning Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as IWOM) on suspicion of the crime of illegal business person in charge of three, in the Chaoyang Court yesterday.

according to reports, they are following the network big ballad Li two split four "," Qin fire fire "after the defendant was controlled by the Ministry of public security of the special action to combat internet.

received 210 thousand shovel negative news

yesterday, the case in the two largest court of Chaoyang Court trial, the prosecutor of the four, the defendant’s lawyers are all the same lawyer robes attended the four. The defendant unit for word of mouth interaction, accused Yang Fei, Li Jinfu, Yang Xueping. Li Jinfu is the legal representative of word of mouth, Yang Fei, general manager and director of public relations, respectively, for the director of the Ministry of public finance, the people’s Republic of China and the world.

public prosecutor’s office, word of mouth interaction from 2012 to 2013 to provide a number of paid delete posts information services, the total amount of more than 21 yuan. Among them, in April 2012, July 2013 and Zengcheng City Garden Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Biguiyuan) signed a contract to provide information services for the Internet to delete negative charges, respectively, 98 thousand and 100 and 30 thousand and 100 yuan; in May 2013, Xinhua Life Insurance Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Xinhua insurance) signed a contract to provide paid delete service. Charges 90 thousand yuan.

public prosecution authorities believe that the defendant company to disrupt the market order; the three defendants organization, planning, implementation, direct participation in illegal business activities, violated the criminal law, should be investigated for crimes of illegal business.

accused of deleting posts is hidden rules

trial site, the three defendants agreed to plead guilty". Delete posts business is a special environment of the unspoken rules of the industry, is not a good social atmosphere, Li Jinfu said, did not know that paid delete posts is a crime, until after the introduction of the relevant judicial interpretations they know.

prosecutors suggested a penalty for word of mouth interaction, the three defendants sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years and fined.

counsel that the company involved in the "delete" behavior is individual customers additional services shall be required to provide, and all of them were issued in September 9, 2013 "two" and "on the handling of the use of information network defamation on some issues of applicable law in Criminal Cases Interpretation" before, indicating that the defendant in this case no criminal intention. The defendant actively cooperate with public security organs in the investigation, the initiative turned over to restitution of the money involved, wants the court to sentence.


case is not in court for sentencing.


September 9, 2013 "two high issued" on the implementation of the use of information networks for libel.

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