Served as the 9 forum administrator said

      development of a community has experienced such stages: creation, promotion, maturity and decline, which involves three kinds of people: often in the community of users, bamboo, community management, these people are the symbiotic system of the community, any link will have a great gap the problem.

      in every community, bamboo plays a very important role, the moderator of the level of knowledge, personality, sense of responsibility in various stages of community development has extremely important role. This community moderator should understand that one of the basic principles is the webmaster is a users service role in the community, the community is most selfless, at the same time as the moderator is a friend, show your personality, your level of knowledge of the opportunity to test. Although he sometimes appears not the true self in society, but their behavior is human behavior, there are cunning, deceit, kind, friendly, hanging, warmth, worldly-wise and play safe and provocative, cold, warm, decadent, boring…… How, in a variety of character display your middle management level, the decision you have management of the jar of prosperity, decline and death, full of vigour, determines your jar style.

      as a moderator you must first understand the following questions, attitude and methods:

      1, this version of the overall style, what is the purpose?

      jar style and purpose has been decided this forum topic, also determines your jar target population, they are interested in the topic of people. The moderator should under the jar’s purpose, style show your level of management, how to attract more users, how to stimulate discussion of users actively participate in a variety of topics, how to shape the jar’s temperament. As a moderator you should always communicate with other moderators or community management, timely understanding of changes in the direction of the community, to seek support.

      2, how to attract more users?

      a mature stage of development into a virtuous community when the can because of his mature and unique temperament automatically attract more users, and if a netizen think here is enough to attract their own, he can be introduced here to his friend consciousness, this is a same reason with the two hundred and fifty rules of business promotion the. But a new community and a new jar, because in the creation stage, the most urgent problem is how to attract more users to participate in the increase in popularity, improve the community level, the jar to increase user loyalty. As a webmaster should work among the users create a warm, friendly and moral image, can be said that this is the moderator’s personality charm, with your personality.

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